Swimming Pool

by The Front Bottoms

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The Front Bottoms - Swimming Pool

I will stop cutting my pants into shorts
I will address the issues I cannot ignore
And I will do the things I think you might like
And I will be alone probably the rest of my life

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I’m off to bed but life is good. Life is great honestly. I just keep thinking about me last year just stuck in my room at home all day thinking about awesome things I could do instead of doing them. I’m barely 20 and I have the world in front of me. I’m doing something productive for once and I’m changing how I feel about myself and my outlook on life. There’s so many great things ahead of me, I just have to try and grab a hold of them before they fade away.

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Is it possible to be a fan of a fandom?

Reblog every time

I love this so much

I’m not even in this fandom

I made a tumblr to reblog this gif.  Life complete.



I’m trying to cut back on reblogging, but god dammit Avatar…

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Never forget

They should bring this show back

BEst Everrrr

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I still have my copy of Alesana - The Emptiness. No shame at all.

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#the greatest day of his life

#the greatest day of everyone’s life

lookat his face. It’s like he’s found the entrance to the secret candy store

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Infinity On High will be forever one of my favorite records of all time. So many memories associated with that record, good or bad it’s amazing. I never listened to a record so much in my life.

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The Carpal Tunnel of Love

by Fall Out Boy

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It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche
When the pearls in our shells got up to dance
You call me a bad tipper of the cradle
Tired yawns for fawns on hunters’ lawns
We’re the has-beens of husbands
Sharpening the knives of young wives
Take two years and call me when you’re better
Take teardrops of mine, find yourself wetter

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Heaven in Her Arms

by Converge

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Forgive me for the sadness
And the bringing of you down
I just needed a lover and I needed a friend
And there you were
Running from forever like all the rest

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